JCMA electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump
1 stroke speed adjustment range: 0-100 / min (the number of strokes per minute).
2 optional internal (manual) or external control mode.
3 adjustable response slope values for mA input signals.
4 of the input pulse signal by removing (1-999) / operation.
5 there are a number of cumulative function optional. 6 control panel key lock function, can prevent misoperation.
7 "low level" off pump and alarm output. 8 programmable flow monitoring and alarm output.
9.6 stage pressure control. 10 with no loss of memory, no battery.
11 remote on / off control. 12 pulse output. 13 automatic line voltage compensation and overvoltage protection.
14 can be set menu to select functions or parameters.
15 RS485 communication interface, standard Modbus RUN communication.
16 can be directly connected to DCS or FCS system, remote control computer.
The stroke frequency can be up to 400 times per minute, the calculation precision is high, and the pulsation effect can be eliminated effectively.
Compact structure
JCMA series electromagnetic pump is compact in structure, light in weight and stable in operation.
Durable diaphragm
The diaphragm is made of PTFE material, which is compatible with almost all the chemicals. The service life of the diaphragm is more than 5 years, which is more than 5 times of the national standard GB/T7782-2008.
Strong stability
The pump can work stably in the 100-200V voltage range, 50-60HZ general
High protection level
JCMA series metering pump protection level of IP65, in the bad conditions can also be safe operation.
Double valve ball structure
JCMA series metering pump with double valve ball, valve seat, valve cover, close to form a closed system, thereby improving its accuracy.