Warmly welcome the Zhejiang fan management award jury leadership to guide ailipu
Published Time:2014-11-06

    The spring and Autumn period of "Taos" Fan Li, as Zhejiang originator, his rich management thought influenced generations of Zhejiang, so in todays Zhejiang to promote economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, enhance the overall background of the scientific management level of Zhejiang, who can become the contemporary Zhejiang Feng li".

    Zhejiang Province scientific enterprise management association, Zhejiang radio and television group, Zhejiang University School of management, Qianjiang Evening News co sponsored the first 2014 Li Jinjiang enterprise management enterprise management in Zhejiang Province, the outstanding entrepreneur award in recognition of activities have been in full swing. In recognition of activities aimed at the field of enterprise management in our province to forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, and made outstanding contributions in the formation and embodiment of Zheshang culture management, management mode and other aspects of the theory of entrepreneurs in Zhejiang province.

    "Feng Li enterprise management award is the highest award of Zhejiang province enterprise management, the establishment of the national awards and intended to" Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Award "standards, after our province will be held once a year.
    Outstanding entrepreneurs management and the selection of the candidate conditions include: the standardization of the modern enterprise system in accordance with the enterprise management, outstanding performance, the main economic indicators in the province at the forefront of the industry, management innovation, technological innovation, two integration, energy saving and emission reduction, the transformation and upgrading of circular economy, has made outstanding achievements; law-abiding CIGNA, tax law, contract, have good credit records; entrepreneur with advanced management concepts and innovative spirit of enterprise, with rapid growth and sustainable development of qianjiang.

    According to reports, the first 2014 fan enterprise management award, Zhejiang province enterprise management outstanding entrepreneur award in recognition of activities will include propaganda, election nomination, comprehensive validation process, the final will be held a grand ceremony at the end of this year.

   The afternoon of Zhejiang University brand management department, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, City Federation of industry and commerce, Federation of industry and commerce, economy of Zhejiang radio and other leaders to love ryokpo, is named the "fan Enterprise Management Award" and "Zhejiang province enterprise management outstanding entrepreneur" Field Guide to inspection. Chairman Luo Xianyao personally accompanied and explained.