Zhejiang ailipu Polytron Technologies Inc held 2016 annual marketing meeting
Published Time:2016-12-17

At 13:00 on February 16, Ai Lipi grand opening of the 2016 annual meeting of the work, reviewed and summarized the work of Ai Li Pu 2015, the deployment of 2016 goals and tasks, all employees attended the meeting.

General Manager Zheng Shishen fully affirmed the achievements of the company in 2015, and put forward the existing problems and shortcomings.

   In 2015, the company emerged a number of outstanding employees and advanced workers, their work in their respective careers do not care about personal gains and losses, to suffer for the music, always guided by the company silently dedication, in the ordinary post created an extraordinary Of the performance. Their positive, progressive and dedicated spirit has always been a role model for all of LoveLifes employees. 17 outstanding employees, 10 advanced workers, four outstanding members of the Communist Party was awarded, chairman Luo Xianyao, general manager Zheng Shishen and other company leaders awarded them honorary certificates and bonuses.

   Finally, Chairman Luo Xianyao made an important speech. He first affirmed that in the past year, the Company had made gratifying achievements in facing the severe domestic and foreign economic situation, and raised higher expectations for 2016. In the report, he was from the sales, management, corporate culture construction and other aspects of a detailed analysis of the economic environment for the weak, the love of the contrarian and how to achieve success.