Taizhou City Military Commander Fang Shouxiang and his entourage visited the company of Ai Li Pu visited
Published Time:2016-12-17
The morning of May 19, 2016, Taizhou military commander Fang Shouxiang in the County Department of political commissar Ren Yuxiang, Minister of Xu Qian Sen accompanied by love ryokpo visit. Three county committee, County Economic Development Zone Party Secretary Wang Guangfa, deputy magistrate Lu Zhiwei also participated in the investigation. Commander Fang Shouxiang first visited the product exhibition hall ailipu digital and intelligent, the company chairman Luo Xianyao to visit the leaders about our company. After the visit to the discussion, commander Fang Shouxiang expressed full recognition of the companys level of technological innovation, and puts forward some valuable opinions and suggestions, he hopes to expand cooperation projects of civil military integration, are willing to contribute to the success of the project.