Ailipu company employees Shijinbumei won praise
Published Time:2017-01-12

November 27th is Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving life, let us meet everyone, love and tolerance to make our lives bit by bit. We love ryokpo just staged a touching story.

    At around 8 employees love ryokpo Zheng Liwu and several colleagues after passing shopping Yang Chen road when a man found a wallet, a bag of 8200 yuan in cash and a lot of card. Ms. Zheng said, surely the owner must be very anxious, but found a list of Datang communications to buy a mobiles phones in the bag, there is a telephones number. Immediately pull through this number, the owner surnamed Wang, the other is anxiously looking for, both sides at once about a good place, put the wallet back to the owner Mr. wang.

In the face of lost items, Mr. Wang was very excited, repeatedly thanked and praised Ms. Zheng Shijinbumei, showing excellent quality is admirable, the transfer of positive energy for the community.