Passion summer love ryokpo 3000 electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump free delivery
Published Time:2016-12-17

Activity content:
1 during the event, where the first use of "love ryokpo" brand new electromagnetic pump in the period from June 15, 2016 to August 15th of the manufacturers, can participate in this activity.
2 product pricing during the event: 538 yuan / Taiwan, buy a gift.
3 during the event presented 3000 sets of metering pump manufacturers on hand, first come first served.
4 activities of all products can participate in the gift, if you choose the gift and you order products inconsistent please specify.
5 each customer participation activities order quantity cannot be more than 50 units.
6 in principle, the products are not invoiced, there are special needs, please contact our service staff.
Dynamic convergence, way:
1 of the most efficient convergence: you only need one-time order is equal to or greater than 10 (excluding gifts), you can receive the product (specifications optional) with the number of gifts.
2 the most heart warming and province: during the event, where for the first time to participate in activities to buy product quantity less than 10 units, each pump can receive 200 yuan coupons, vouchers to limit purchases the product during the event.
Special statement: Manufacturer commitment as a result of product technology promotion activities, gift products and products purchased homogeneity and enjoy the same after-sales service, please rest assured that users boldly participate in activities.
The final interpretation of all love ryokpo Zhejiang Polytron Technologies Inc